Perfect Sauteed Kale Recipe

Perfect Sauteed Kale Recipe

Kale is one of the most nutritious greens around. It is not only a wonderful, leafy green high in fiber, but it is also said to detoxify ones system. Kale also has a great deal of Vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy eyesight and vision, as well as Vitamin C to support your immune system. Among its other nutritional properties are a high dose of Vitamin E and calcium.

Plenty of reasons to add kale to your meals!

Preparing Sauteed Kale

One of the easiest and most delicious ways of preparing kale is sauteed in a little olive oil. Thoroughly rinse the kale and remove the leafy portion from the stalk (which can be saved and used in stocks). Dry the leaves so your dish is not soggy.

In a pan, add 2 tbsp olive oil for each bunch of kale. This is also a wonderful type to incorporate more flavor into your kale. Try adding fresh minced garlic to the oil while it is still cold, so that all the flavors are dissolved into the olive oil. Another beautiful addition is a few red pepper flakes (careful, it can get spicy!)

When the oil is hot, and you can smell the garlic, add in the kale. Be careful of any hot oil splashing, though it should not be a problem. Toss the kale so that it is evenly coated with the oil, and cook it over a medium temperature. When the leaves turn bright green, they are ready as a hearty dish, or for softer and more tender kale, add 2tbsp water for each bunch and cover with a lid until the desired tenderness is reached.

To garnish, try dried cranberries sprinkled on top, sesame seeds, or slivered almonds. If you want a little citrus tang and added Vitamin C, try a squirt of fresh lemon juice on top, or a little grating of lemon zest. It is also delicious with freshly grated parmesan cheese and freshly ground pepper.

Tons of Possible Variations When Cooking Kale

This is my favorite way to cook kale, and there are infinite possibilities for varying from this basic recipe. If you are not vegetarian, you can add some ham or bacon in at the beginning for extra flavor. Or, try it sauteed with some fresh mushrooms.