Top Trans Fat Containing Foods

Top Trans Fat Containing Foods

The American Heart Association defines trans fat as the fat created when companies add hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils to solidify them. Companies use trans fat because it inexpensive to process, makes food last a long time and make some foods taste better. On packaged foods, trans fat is hidden under the words “partially hydrogenated oils.” Restaurants and fast food establishments use trans fat because they can fry foods over and over again.

Before the 1990s, little was known about the health risks associated with constant consumption of this product. Now, most health organizations, including the American Heart Association, realize that eating this product raises bad cholesterol and plays a role in the development of type 2 diabetes. Both of these health problems are linked to increased risks of heart disease and strokes. Despite the fact that trans fat has been linked to heart problems, some companies still use it in their products. Even some foods that are labeled healthy contain this dangerous substance.

The following is a list of a few of the top items that contain trans fat.

Non-butter spreads and margarines

These products contain trans fat and other saturated fats. Many individuals use these products as a substitute for butter. In reality, a small amount of butter is a better option because we know that it comes from an animal. Even vegans can find soy butters that don’t contain trans fat.


Soup is a good addition to a healthy diet because the liquid base is filling; however, many soups also contain trans fat, even those that are supposed to be healthier choices. Obvious unhealthy soups include ramen noodles and microwave cups of soup. These soups also contain a lot of sodium.

Frozen food

Frozen foods, whether they are a hungry man meal or supposed to be low fat, contain trans fat. Companies add this fat to increase shelf life. The only way to know for sure if the product contains trans fat is to read the labels.

Breakfast foods

Breakfast foods, like cereal and meal replacement bars, often add trans fat so that they can be kept for a longer period of time. Even if the cereal and bars contain vitamins and the package says they are healthy, read the labels.

Appetizers & Condiments

Dips, toppings and coffee additives also include trans fat. Some of these items are non-dairy creamers, whipped toppings, gravy mixes, salad dressings, and even fruit dips. Flavored coffees also contain trans fat, so you might want to skip that morning latte.

Baked goods

Commercially baked goods contain trans fat. This includes cakes, cookies, donuts, and cupcakes. The trans fat allows people to purchase the products a few days after they’ve been baked. Remember, this includes low-fat muffins and other healthy pastries.

Most people know about the standard items that contain trans fat, like fast food and snack items. The list mentioned above contains foods that are sometime presented to the public as healthy. This list is a reminder of how important it is to read food labels and ingredients before falling for packaging promises of healthy. Even when purchasing items at the local deli or bakery, it is important to know that promises of health can be deceiving.